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7 Day Trial Membership

We are giving 15 lucky people the opportunity to TEST DRIVE our PROGRAM for FREE

Although we are Super Excited and want to help as many people as possible


Unfortunately this is not a one size fits all program and we can’t take everyone

 So, if you fit the following criteria, keep reading!

You live in close proximity to Brendale

You’re fed up with looking at the clothes that used to fit you in your wardrobe and saying ‘one day’

You want to start socializing more and feeling more confident than what you currently do

You just want to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see

Lack motivation and need some accountability

You’re sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again – for once you just want to keep it off


The 7 Day Test Drive Package includes:

100% Unlimited access to any of our famous Bootcamp sessions for 7 Days