Starting Today You Can Become the Leanest, Fittest, Strongest…Best Version of Yourself

Frequently asked questions


Q.What if I Haven’t Worked Out in a While and am Not Very Physically Fit?


Many of our clients came in feeling the exact same way.  Our System will meet you where you’re at and as long as you are willing to give your best effort, you’ll have a program that fits your current fitness level perfectly. You can start slow and as your fitness level and confidence increase we can work together to accelerate your progress.


Q. How long do sessions run for?


A. 45mins – 1 hour depending on the class


Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to class?


A. Just bring a bottle of water, a towel and wear some light loose comfortable clothing and running shoes.


Q. What if I want to cancel my membership?


A. Easy, we have so much faith that you will love our classes that we don’t lock anyone into any contracts. Just send us an email and we will stop it.


Q. What if I go on holiday?


A. Email before you go we’ll freeze your membership while you’re away.


Q. How is Knight Fitness different than local Health Clubs or Bootcamps?


A. Unlike going to a health club and trying to stay motivated and figure out what to do, at Knight strength and fitness you will move closer to your goals each and every workout because you’ll be coached through each and every session, held accountable and motivated to bring out your best.


This is not plodding away on the treadmill or lifting some random weights is the gym.  This is what delivers results…guaranteed.


Q. What Goes on During The Group Workouts?


A. We integrate tools like kettlebells, sandbags and medicine balls with bodyweight based exercises and movement based training to maximize your metabolism, allow you to build a lean athletic body and feel stronger and move better than you have in years.


These workouts are specifically designed to be fast paced, fun and highly effective.


Q. What Kind of Results Can I Expect to See?


A. Women will drop 1-2 dress sizes and feel stronger and more confident than ever before within their first 6 weeks at Knight Fitness Men will typically drop 1-2 waist sizes and gain lean muscle and feel more athletic in that same period of time. Within your first couple of weeks you’ll feel more energetic, healthier, younger and even more defined.


Q. What Types of People Are At Knight Fitness?


A. Our clients range in age from 17 to 77 and come from all walks of life. Their common bond is that they all want to be the best version of themselves and they all want to be part of a community that embraces challenging, fun workouts to help them get there.